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      >> Creative: Olivia Fagon and Kamil Tyebally 

      >> Design: Jeremy Correnti Wood

      >> Production: Amanda Murray

      >> Photography: Kirsten Miccoli and Kamil Tyebally

Through an artful reimagination of an arthouse arcade, this installation harnessed the optical allegory of space under construction. Visualizing progress and process while integrating renditions of familiar arcade games, albeit, with a clean, contemporary look, this space was intended to inspire optimism, energy, and excitement in our guests.

The iridescent and illuminated structure of the room drew guests into the Arthouse Arcade. Leveraging the line to enter the space, guests stood along a “Life Loading…” projection which acted as a nod to the room’s theme.

Upon entering the space, guests were transported to a sleek, deconstructed arcade reimagined through Aldo’s bold, playful lens. Customized arcade games were backdropped by colorful panels, pristine white surfaces, screens looping abstract scenes of ‘getting ready’ moments, and a shifting colored lighting treatment, creating a bright, vibrant, and shareable space.

At the center of the build, a key photo moment took a cue from the familiar prize wall at an arcade, utilizing an artfully stylized display of shoes swathed in Aldo arcade tickets to frame the moment.

To cap it off, every five minutes, a custom lighting treatment coupled with programmed content looping on screens in the space contributed to a crescendo moment. Lights flickered and popped while screens went into a digital glitch, flashing renditions of familiar arcade lexicon: ’Get Ready’ before simultaneously bursting into an active state.

Aldo 29Rooms Overall.png
Aldo 29Rooms DDR Closeup.png
Aldo 29Rooms Photo Closeup.png
Aldo 29Rooms Hoops Closeup.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 1.49.44 PM.png
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