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STAR WARS (Disney) + 29ROOMS 


      >> Creative: Kamil Tyebally

      >> Lead Designer: Jeremy Correnti Wood 

      >> Graphic Design: Nicole Abdelnour

      >> Production: 160/90

      >> Photos: Anna Maria Lopez, Elazar Abrahams, @itsyourdestiney

Coinciding with the premiere of the final installment of Star Wars, 

The Rise of Skywalker, Disney and Refinery29 partnered together to call on guests to discover their inner hero at Refinery29’s, 29Rooms,

Expand Your Reality NYC Tour.

While exploring the installation, guests were prompted to reflect on their lives, fears,
and aspirations. Programmatic lighting and tessellated mirrors created the framework of the space while also transforming each of the three shareable photo moments into extraordinary optical illusions where different moments of the installation's narrative were highlighted.

First, guests were invited to reflect & pay homage to all those that came before them, setting the tone for their individual journeys. Then, in a fractalized mirror, they glimpsed what infinite potential looked like in the face of fear & uncertainty. Finally, guests found themselves in the cockpit of the iconic Millennium Falcon. Asked to write the next chapter of their generation, guests were finally prompted to launch this new chapter 
into space via a custom screen animation.

Star Wars V3_2nd Mirror Hallway.png
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